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shaking off the dust with a bit of discworld warmups

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Took a while and I was getting really tired towards the end so I rushed it but hey, its Sam Vimes from The Watch and he’s done or something. I like Vimes, he’s like if Clint Eastwood and Vin Diesel had a lovechild, and he is one of my favourite characters from the Discworld series, plus a few people were badgering me for a picture of him or something maybe.

Thanks to everyone who watched me paint this on livestream today, it was heaps of fun and yeah, lets do it again sometime when its not 1 am for everyone in the northern hemisphere.

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Small Gods by Terry Pratchett is one of my favourite books so here is a picture of the Great God Om and his humble human servant Brutha, this is basically a re do of a much older artwork I did which is pretty shitty now

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i will post more from SDCC later but this was my favorite cosplay I think.  They gave out Ankh Morpork stamps!

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Most witches don’t believe in gods. They know that the gods exist, of course. They even deal with them occasionally. But they don’t believe in them. They know them too well. It would be like believing in the postman. —Terry Pratchett (via khalheyokha)


Discworld Meme [x]:[1/4] watchmen:

↳ Constable Dorfl

‘I Wish To Ask You A Question,’ said the golem.


‘I Smashed The Treadmill But The Golems Repaired It. Why? And I Let The Animals Go But They Just Milled Around Stupidly. Some Of Them Even Went Back To The Slaughter Pens. Why?’

‘Welcome to the world, Constable Dorfl.’

‘Is It Frightening To Be Free?’

‘You said it.’

‘You Say To People “Throw Off Your Chains” And They Make New Chains For Themselves?’

‘Seems to be a major human activity, yes.’

Dorfl rumbled as he thought about this. ‘Yes,’ he said eventually. ‘I Can See Why. Freedom Is Like Having The Top Of Your Head Opened Up.’

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Discworld Meme [x]:[2/5] events:

↳ The Journey of the Prophet Brutha and the Manifestation of the Great God Om

XV. I Could Destroy You Utterly.

‘Yes. I am entirely in your power.’

XVI. I Could Crush You Like An Egg!


Om paused.

Then he said: XVII. You Can’t Use Weakness As A Weapon.

‘It’s the only one I’ve got.’

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I can’t, I just can’t. XD


question mark question mark

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